All testimonials are anonymous in order to protect the identity of their authors


"We are a building comprised of fewer than five units in the Fox Park neighborhood of south city. We’ve all agreed to embrace the unknown and are attempting to withhold rent. Several of us have been laid off, some of us fortunate enough to retain jobs may not have them for long. Affording food is a main component in our health regimen. We are refusing rent this month out of necessity, to plan for days to come, and to act in solidarity with others, experimenting with care, by poking our fingers into the wounds of class society. Governmental bandaids won’t offer much, maybe it’s time to flatten the curve of these forms of life, or better yet, push them to a point of no return."

--Fox Park Tenants

"My rental was just bought by new landlord and I was just notified last week. The property management company has requested rent for March and April and threatened me via voicemail with eviction. The company illegally went through belongings secured on property without permission."

--Precarious Renter

"I’ve been renting in South City at the same residence for 6 years. Never missed a payment ONCE. I’ve endured issue after issue in regards to water damage, faulty windows and lack of security measures. I am a photographer/graphic designer and I lost all my clients but 1 last week and can’t even get payments owed to me for work performed from the others. I applied for unemployment and the screen said if approved, I can get $147 a week. I am also 20+ years type 1 diabetic with NO health insurance, meaning I pay for all my insulin, syringes and blood glucose testing supplies out of pocket. My girlfriend also has a compromised immune system so we’ve been taking it all very seriously by staying inside, working from home and being extremely meticulous.

ALL of that was compromised today when my landlord sent a crew of 6+ to perform sandblasting on my entire building. Not only were there 6+ guys hanging out on my porch during their lunch, but they were all over my yard, leaving trash, spitting, etc and asking to enter my basement to access a hose. Mortar dust filled my entire apartment through my faulty windows that I asked to be replaced numerous times. I have an upstairs neighbor who is currently quarantined by ER doctor’s orders for Covid. They had dust particles fill their entire apartment when they were not able to leave.

I obviously contacted my landlord about how we weren’t notified and how this work had to stop immediately. My landlord blew it off and directed me to my property manager as she proceeded to post “show me pet pics” statuses on FB. My property manager then hung up on me about 3 lines in cuz I was angry and cussed at him for his negligence.

I posted a Facebook status that included pictures of my horrendous afternoon, to which almost all my friends told me to lawyer up. My landlord saw this post and then proceeded to contact me to smooth things out and actually called me out for voicing frustration online although I was professional and did not name her. She then had the audacity to say that “normally I’d offer a cleaning crew but with social distancing I cannot so I can take $100 off rent.” I called out how she was perfectly fine sending out a crew of six to sit on my front porch, hang out and spit in my yard, etc and that I doubted that social distancing was anything she was concerned with on my behalf. I also told her that I would not have rent because all my clients had to close their businesses. I couldn’t believe she would even expect me to have rent, let alone think that $100 off would justify her gross incompetence and neglect. I told her that I applied for unemployment, was looking for gigs I can do from home and that I spent most of my money on food and insulin. I’m awaiting her reply and feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Thank you for listening. Stay safe and well."

-- Not-So-Crazy Southsider